I’m sure we’ve all had a space or found a piece of furniture that has great bones, but on the surface looks like a hot mess.  Here we’ll continually show you examples of refurbished furniture  and home decor projects to hopefully inspire you to give your worn out pieces and spaces a new life and save yourself some money in the process. 285978645057678905_s0RfDONC_b 273593746082241844_1VselzmR_b 185140234651661138_8tsHjJsH_b 177962622744837344_Ka43Tmid_b 132222939030806734_hNdWm6iI_c 91620173640806458_vZhVr1Yw_b 71987294014478180_m8FwK6Xo_c 35677022019671369_KxhBxXMf_b 23643966764103364_Lllfizct_b 13370130113907630_rKONcWZb_b 13370130113907609_8gNaZ6re_b


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