There is so much creativity in this world that it should be celebrated, and the products of that creativity should be shared with the world so that it may grow and everybody can enjoy it.  Here, we will continually share with you the works of artists you may not know so that you too may share in the products of their creativity. Enjoy!reb3 reb2 reb1 rebThese amazing Michigan themed posters are the work of Rebecca Goldberg and you can find them for your own home at www.RebeccaMich.comtead3 tead2 tead1

These fantastic paintings are the work of Detroit’s own graffiti artist Tead.  You can find more of his work at or contact him at  teadnasty1@gmail.comdeb deb3 deb2

These colorful, gorgeous little paintings are all over our wall in our home, and were created by artist, Deborah Erlandson.  She does not have a web address, but her personal contact information is available online.  mark6 mark5 mark4 mark3 mark2 mark1

These colorful, eye-popping posters and concert handbills are created by Detroit artist Mark Arminski.  These would liven up any space but look especially amazing in a home music studio.  Pick up some for your own home at


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