This December we went to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair to check out what the  city’s artisans and crafters were up to.  What we found was an amazing collection of art and supplies for your home.  We decided to pass our finds on to you.stinky4 stinky3 stinky2 stinky1

These cool soaps created by Megan Green would liven up any bathroom. I find the grenade soap especially welcoming for guests.  You can get your own from  Stinky Bomb Soap at or contact the maker at soapbombs@yahoo.comsociety7 society6 society5 society4 society3 society2 society1

These handmade string lights would look amazing in a garden, an outdoor party, or any kids’ space.   They’re made by the creative people at Society of National Industry, and you can find them at societynatlindustry.etsy.comsloe7 sloe6 sloe5 sloe4 sloe3 sloe2 sloe

These sweet little illustrations created by Nicole Ray, the creative mind behind Sloe Gin Fizz, would be adorable in a kids’ room.  I especially love the giraffe on roller skates and the baby kangaroo wielding the saw.  The creations of Sloe Gin Fizz can be found at  You can also follow this artist at, or on facebook and twitter. shawn1 shawn2I love these posters for the color, line work, detail, and subject matter.  These posters are visually stunning, and would look especially awesome  in a home music studio.  In addition to these posters, the artist, Shawn K. Knight makes amazing skateboards.    You can find these posters and skateboards at shawnkknight.comsally7 sally6 sally5 sally4 sally3 sally2 sally

I love these fun little animal illustrations, by Sally Harless,  especially for a kid’s room.  They’re quirky and endearing, and seem to have a Wes Anderson feel.  Until now I was completely unaware narwhales used their horns to knit.  You can find fun illustrations at or contact the artist at sally@sadlyharmless.comphantom2 phantom1

I love the colors and creativity artist Stephanie Tardy Duimstra, creator of Phantom Limb, used in this Michigan map.  I really like the fun things she does with various papers, the use of color in her work, and I really want one of these maps for my own house. You can find more of her work at or at  yourphantomlimb.commary2 mary1

I’m really drawn to the colorful organic feel of these ceramic bloom vases made by Mary Drabik, creator of  Handbuilt by Mary.  I especially love the green one, the yellow ochre one, and the white one with the blue crackle lines, so pretty.  You can find these gorgeous little vases at or contact the artist at  handbuiltbymary@gmail.comgingerly3 gingerly2 gingerly1

I am so psychotically in love with these little paintings, by Leslie Gauthier creator of Gingerly Made, I can’t even handle it.  I have the sugar skull painting hanging in my kitchen, and I smile every time I pass by it, and I’m pretty sure I’ll die if I can’t have the deer painting, seriously.   You can find some of these amazing, colorful little paintings at foraging11 foraging10 foraging9 foraging8 foraging7 foraging6 foraging5 foraging4 foraging3 foraging2 foraging1

These are the most fantastic little terrariums I have yet to encounter.  Andy Sell, the creative mind behind The Foraging Florist, has created an extensive collection of amazing mini terrariums in a wide variety of containers.  I’m dying for the ones in the beakers and green glass bottles, genius.  I strongly advise you to pick up some of these terrariums at or contact the gardeners at theforagingflorist@gmail.comerico4 erico3 erico2 erico1

I really like these fun posters by Eric Oppitz for their subject matter and use of color.  These posters would look amazing in a home music studio, and I think I definitely need the Psychadelic Supper poster.  You can find these posters and check out more of the artist’s work at


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