G.R.G. The Sequel


Graffiti Lux and Murals

Here’s the rest of what I found in Loblaws’ parking lot!

I know it’s dizzying, but I found myself angling my camera for the sake of the reflection.

OMG #10

The pic above is so fabulous that I had to start my Post with it, even though it’s near the end of the Graffiti. So let me back up, and start at the beginning.

I came out of the LLBO. I spotted the Graf and cars at the far end of the lot, and began shaking.

OMG #3

The ginormous lot is on the east side of Dundas West between Bloor and Roncesvalles.

OMG #4

I was thrilled to find a red car in reflection position.

OMG #5

It looks so different reflected in red, quite stunning in its own right.

OMG #6

The cars were all clean and shiny!

OMG #7

The graffiti colours are intense, perfect for reflections.

OMG #8

I know, it’s hard to beat the drama of a shiny black…

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