Flash Post: The Green Smile


Canadian Gift Guide

Chalkboard Planter

What It Is: Here’s one way to celebrate Earth Day – plant something green, and in this case edible, with a handy planter set from West Elm. This cute kit features three chalkboard planters and a wooden tray, perfect for an indoor display of your herb garden. Write which herbs are which on the chalkboard pots, and simply wipe them clean when you’ve harvested your bounty.

Who It’s For:Your chef sibling, to freshen up their at-home dishes. Your family feast cooking parents, to add a certain je ne sais quoi to their roasted veggies and salads alike. Your green thumbed best friend, so she can garden year-round.

What It Costs:$41

Where It’s At:West Elm stores + online

Whoops! Forgot to include a bonus entry on this one for y’all. Everyone that’s already posted a comment, you get a bonus entry. Everyone that hasn’t, well, know that…

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