Favorite Dining Rooms


A dining room is a space to enjoy wonderful meals, memories, and laughter with our favorite people.  I would love to pass the evenings in these spaces dining, talking, and laughing with my loved ones.  These rooms make me want to create my own space to do this, and I hope they inspire the same in you.


10485011602048408_FHUgrfPd_c 13370130113469159_KQWZaZjn_c 17662623508995532_H7uJapGr_c 17803360996431146_JUzNR0rS_c 21181060716954897_0UFG3ajX_c 24277285462426199_yAeuWIiy_c 40884309087576035_aHJvYl58_b 49469295878248267_f9dG7CmY_c 52635889365886322_yndY783J_c 57420963968466190_nsGwhbXQ_c 66217056991369962_sr2glQGS_c 66217056992929169_E1cWaMhi_b 66217056993046039_SPEoEhtP_b 73816881361848641_k9Ii1QzN_c 73816881363638665_I3j73KmS_c 97812623126431692_pWTE4N5M_c 98375573082056292_4jt9dw9t_c 118712140149239675_7jLRGP2h_c 119345458844823493_cm4oEpSn_c 124974958379036563_7ExURtpq_c 128845239308875666_2fOSEL4E_c 132645151496375568_oDCIjVd7_c 135459901262070030_YYNU56t8_c 136374694936649317_Fe1pG67u_c 155303887121274424_i3RKqnkx_c 159174168050339953_nTncIGoI_c 173459023118301217_5tAxxWVM_b 181692166186222024_ueGjvJt7_c 187814246929722542_KDtKA5Xc_b 197173289907361212_mtkqKtO2_c 197173289907450562_GrFhCgJz_c 198299189813369355_Dcc1ZWH7_c 205124957998178514_EB2Iembd_c 205828645439756157_qaFegzvN_c 219339444322889083_eyEXnUnG_b 244179611017842029_9diLDapE_c 247838785713976906_ETBviiTl_c 266627240408678775_7th6jDUa_c


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